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Warner Bros. Discovery partners with Astro to honour Malaysia’s iconic dishes and urban gardens with brand new shows

This Week

  • “Best.Ever.” sees foodies engage in a heated debate over different versions of Malaysia’s favourite dishes
  • “Green Crashers” showcases urban garden makeovers across the city intertwined with homeowner’s stories
  • “Star Vs Food Malaysia” features a star-studded line-up of Malaysian celebrities paired with renowned chefs

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 5 May 2022 – Warner Bros. Discovery today announced a partnership with Astro, Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company, to celebrate Malaysia’s food, culture, and intimate gardens with the premiere of brand-new shows “Green Crashers” on HGTV and “Best.Ever.” on Asian Food Network (“AFN”). “Green Crashers” sees urban garden makeovers across Malaysia against the backdrop of homeowners’ intimate stories. In “Best.Ever.”, AFN invites audiences to engage in a heated debate over different versions of Malaysia’s favourite dishes. The partnership also includes “Star Vs Food Malaysia”, a new cooking show premiering on AFN and TLC with a star-studded line-up of Malaysian celebrities paired with renowned chefs.

In “Green Crashers”, celebrity host Aishah Jennifer Sinclair surprises guests in their houses and apartments and helps spruce up their gardens to add new life and a touch of nature into their homes. In the process, the show fleshes out some of the guests’ most intimate personal stories to emphasise the joy that the new garden will bring to them.

The series follows Aishah’s visit with her team, getting to know the guests before their makeover to better curate a tailored oasis of flora and fauna. The premiere episode sees a guest looking to build an edible garden on her balcony inspired by memories of her grandmother. The following episodes spotlight the stunning remodelling of gardens to create a cosy atmosphere where guests can make memories with friends, family and pets. The final episode sees the HGTV team provide inexperienced gardeners with the tools to help better tend to the gardens for their elderly tenants. HGTV (Astro Ch 715), 5th May 2022, Thursday, 9:10 PM (SEA/PH), 8:10 PM (BKK/JKT).

In “Best. Ever.”, viewers see professional foodies immerse themselves in Malaysia’s rich and vibrant culinary scene by engaging in a fun yet heated debate over their favourite dish or favourite version of the dish, with resident anchor host Daphne Iking casting the deciding vote. In the introductory episode, “Best. Nasi Lemak. Ever.”, the foodies will get to pick their favourite Malaysian classics, from Nasi Lemak to Satay.

The following episodes dive deeper into the food culture, spotlighting amazing fusion creations, delicious street food options, and even tackling revered dishes made of rice, from the Hainanese Chicken Rice to Nasi Kerabu, highlighting an ingredient that transcends all differences. The episodes go on to showcase foodies debating over the best cheap eats, laksa, dessert and the spiciest dishes. AFN (Astro Ch 709), 5th May 2022, Thursday, 9:10 PM (SEA/PH), 8:10 PM (BKK/JKT).

Following the celebration of Malaysia’s thriving food scene, Discovery Network and Astro present Star Vs Food Malaysia, which features a star-studded line-up of Malaysian celebrities paired with renowned chefs. The localised cooking reality show is based on an original Discovery format, ‘Star Vs Food’, originally created in India.

The series follows celebrities exploring and learning recipes as well as the necessary food preparation from chefs. Star Vs Food Malaysia sees chaos ensuing in the kitchen as the celebrities whip up delicious cuisine and try to hone their craft. AFN (Astro Ch 709), 18th August 2022, Thursday, 9:00 PM (SEA/PH), 8:00 PM (BKK/JKT), and TLC (Astro Ch 707), 18th October 2022, Tuesday, 9:00 PM (SEA/PH), 8:00 PM (BKK/JKT).

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