Japan Donates Vehicles to Laos Public Security Sector

Japan supports Lao public security with vehicles and equipment
Japanese Ambassador to Laos, Kobayashi Kenichi, presents vehicles to public security officials.

Japan has provided more than 16 SUVs and a number of car parts to Laos to help boost public security in the country.

Ambassador of Japan to Laos, Mr. Koboyashi Kenichi, handed over the SUVs and car parts to Mr. Vilay Lakhamfong, Minister of Public Security.

A ceremony was held at the Ministry of Public Security in Vientiane Capital on 27 May under the Japanese Grant Aid for the Economic and Social Development Program for the
Laos Public Security Sector.

The grant aid of JPY 200 million (USD 1.57 million) has been used to provide the Government of Laos with security enhancement equipment to contribute to social and economic development by strengthening its capacity to maintain public security.

Some 16 SUVs and car parts were delivered following 30 patrol cars and other types of security equipment, including x-ray machines.

“Security is the foundation of economic development and people’s lives. I am honored that
Japan’s ODA will play a role in supporting this foundation of Laos,” Ambassador Kobayashi
emphasized at the ceremony.