Laos to Update Transportation System with Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicle charging on station.

Laos intends to replace its transportation system with electric vehicles by 2025 in order to reduce fuel imports.

Electric vehicles are predicted to account for one percent of all automobiles in Laos by 2025, and more than 30% by 2030, according to a policy issued last year by Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh. 

The policy states that to give electric vehicle distributors a boost, the government will not impose import limits on electric vehicles, however vehicles imported and distributed in Laos must meet international standards for quality, safety, after-sales services, maintenance, and waste management.

The workshop on National Transitioning to Electric Mobility discussed the preparation to utilize electric vehicles in Laos. 

It was attended by Mr. Lun Sengaphon Deputy Ministry of Public work and Transport,Mr. Madan Regme, Representative of UNESCAP, Dr. Dominika Kalinowska, ASEAN GIZ Transport Project Leader,  and by other officials from the vehicle industry in Laos. 

Mr. Lun Sengaphone said that the purpose of this workshop is to listen to the preparation of strategic plans and regulations by the government to approve the transition to electric vehicles in Laos.