Laos National Assembly Approves Cabinet Reshuffle and New Appointments


A reshuffle and appointments at the central bank, industry and commerce, and public security sectors have been approved by the ongoing National Assembly (NA) session in Laos.

KPL reports that Mme Sounthone Sayachack, Vice President of the National Assembly, passed a motion by the Prime Minister to reshuffle certain government positions. 

The NA has agreed to appoint Mr. Saleumxay Kommasith as Deputy Prime Minister as well as continue his role as Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Lt. Gen. Vilay Lakhamfong has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister as well as Minister of Public Security.


Meanwhile, Mr. Malaithong Kommasith will become the new Minister of Industry and Commerce, with his former position as President of the State Audit Organization to be taken up by Mr. Viengthavisone Thepphachan, outgoing Deputy Governor of Savannakhet.

Governorship of the Bank of the Lao PDR will be taken over by Mr. Bounleua Sinxayvoravong, Deputy Ministry of Finance.

Outgoing Governor of the Bank of Laos, Mr. Sonexay Sitphaxay, and outgoing Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Khampheng Xaysompheng, will both become Ministers of the Prime Minister’s Office.

A majority vote during the ongoing 3rd Ordinary Session of the 9th National Assembly, chaired by Saysomphone Phomvihane, President of the National Assembly, saw the new appointments entered into law.