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Attitude Mom and Plentitude Develop Breast Pumps, Support Breastfeeding In Laos

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Attitude Mom and Plentitude offer breast pumps to promote the importance of a mother’s breast milk in providing the best nutrition to children.

Attitude Mom and Plentitude Breast Pumps have launched in Laos in collaboration with Jmart, Laos. The launch was located at Crown Plaza in Vientiane Capital.

Lao doctors and nurses joined new mothers and fathers at the launch event to discuss breastfeeding and health concerns.

Chief Executive Officer of Attitude Mom and Plentitude, Ms. Aim Suree Khunmongkolwut, is also a mother. She shared her experiences of unsuccessfully breastfeeding her two children while in the hospital. Her children had severe allergies, she said, because they were not drinking her milk, emphasizing the importance of breastfeeding.

Chief Executive Officer of Attitude Mom and Plentitude, Ms. Aim Suree Khunmongkolwut, during an interview with media.

She took her own experiences with breast pumps and used them to design a breast pump that is both portable and meets the needs of new mothers.

New mothers and fathers joined the launch event.

“Attitude Mom and Plentitude is a Thai brand breast pump with excellent quality and service. We incorporated feedback from mothers who use breast pumps as a development guideline.”

“There is no substitute for breast milk, because it is the most beneficial to our children and can help them develop their learning skills,” Ms. Aim Suree Khunmongkolwut said.

In 2020, the Lao government issued a decree in order to promote breastfeeding, in line with the recommendations of organizations including UNICEF. Breastfeeding is especially important in developing countries like Laos.

Attitude Mom and Plentitude breast pumps.

Attitude Mom and Plentitude Breast Pumps are now available at Kasemrad International Hospital and any Jmart Laos branches.

The hashtags #Attitudemom #Plentitude #Plentydrink are being used to promote the pumps.

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