P2E.Game, the one-stop GameFi and NFT information aggregation platform, will soon launch a DAO-driven governing and SocialFi system

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES – Media OutReach – 27 June 2022 – P2E.Game announced in its roadmap that it will launch a DAO-driven governing and SocialFi system in Q3, ensuring users have access to data ownership, rights of revenue distribution, and giving value to users’ behavior across all platforms. Also conducting self-governance in the form of a DAO to ensure fairness, justice, and openness.

Since Musk announced his acquisition of Twitter, there are more ventures have announced their entrance into the Web3.0 social platform, using blockchain to empower social media platforms to achieve autonomous self-governance, allowing users to take ownership of data.

Through the four major sections of Launchpad, Game Library, NFT Aggregator, and News Section, P2E.Game has accumulated over 100,000 users in one month. The proposal of SocialFi gives users more rights to make a profit, builds the platform into a player-led DAO, and creates a comprehensive, multi-dimensional NFT and GameFi aggregation platform.

P2E.Game launches its multilingual website, including German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Chinese, covering Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, in order to build a localized community and adapt to different countries’ cultures and user habits.

On P2E.Game, users could effortlessly find the scores and comparison of different GameFi launchpads in terms of ROI or quality of projects, which saves plenty of time switching between various platforms. The requirements of entry and the time period during which to participate are also provided so that users can track the best chance to earn from IDO with more accurate and comprehensive information.

Moreover, in the Game Library on P2E.Game, users would find games based on their market performance, project progress, social score, and other indispensable factors to determine whether a project is worthy of attention.

In the NFT Aggregator section, users can find popular collections, new listings, and upcoming events. By clicking, users would be directly channeled to the platforms to mint NFTs.

In the News section, users could learn about what is happening in the GameFi track, whether it is a new investment event or a public test that a project is conducting.