Music-Themed NFT Series Musetap Piano NFT launches in Hong Kong

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 6 July 2022 – The Music-Themed NFT Series in Hong Kong, Musetap, has met its completion in design and craft; the official confirmed that the official website and minting page have been launched at 3pm on 29 June.

Musetap is the first project to integrate music rhythm tapping game and NFT, created by Marker HK Limited. Interested collectors and players can participate in minting on the Musetap website directly. Musetap Piano NFT has been collected and verified by (an NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles). Subscribers could pay close attention to or the launch of the game app shop to purchase.

Special Piano NFT

The design of the Musetap Piano NFT is a rectangular piano keyboard with 36 balls in different colours. The apparently simple and unpretentious design is impressive, unique and worthy of collection.

Different from most NFT projects on the market, Musetap applies the BEP 721A format in its smart contracts for minting NFTs. This is an improvement of BEP 721, which can effectively reduce the gas fee of minting single or multiple NFTs in a single transaction, to save cost for Musetap users.

Musetap leading Music-to-Earn

The Musetap project was conceived by a Hong Kong music producer, Cosmos, with the intention of promoting music to the world, especially Hong Kong music, and creating music value. Moreover, it develops Music-to-Earn, which generates additional income for music creators and encourages their music creation.

Musetap will develop a Music-to-Earn game app. To earn tokens, players engage in rhythm tapping game. Meanwhile, creators also earn tokens and gain exposure.

Musetap Piano NFT is the main tool of the game app. It is used to engage in rhythm tapping game to earn tokens, mint new Song NFTs and launch them to the app song list, and activate stallholder licence. It also acts as a membership card to join events exclusively, and enjoy members-only benefits, for example, discount on concert tickets and musical products and merchandise.

Presale Piano NFT holders will receive PMT, attribute point cards, minting cards, and a stallholder licence via airdrop. PMT is the governance token, it is used to upgrade Piano NFT, vote and launch Song NFT to app song list, and activate stallholder licence. Stallholders can provide musical services, sell musical products, and promote musical activities on the official website and the app with zero commission.

The gaming token, TMT, is used to repair and upgrade Piano NFT. Participating in a rhythm tapping game yields TMT. The game app will launch Song NFT. The owner of the Song NFT (must hold a Piano NFT) and foundation will receive TMT each time it is played by another player.

Moreover, TMT performs burning mechanisms, which include:

  1. Golden Song Vote and Music Esports
    System will randomly select three songs from the list and they will be open for a vote. Every time players, who participate in the vote, must stake TMT but don’t have to hold a Piano NFT.

    Then players will participate in a rhythm tapping game for these three songs and vote for the golden song and participants will be scored and ranked after the game.

    The collected TMT will be distributed as follows:

    Top 30% scored players will win the Esports Event and share proportionally 90% of the collected TMT. Staked TMT from the next 60% scored players will be shared with the top 30% scored players. Staked TMT from the next 5% scored players will be transferred to the Golden Song NFT holder. Staked TMT from the bottom 5% scored players will be burnt.

  2. One-on-one Music Esports
    Participants must contribute TMT to a pool. The system will randomly assign two players to a competition. The winner will receive more TMT than the loser while the loser will lose his or her contributed TMT. A small portion of TMT from the pool will be transferred to the burnt address and the Song NFT owner.

    A portion of TMT from participants of Golden Song Vote and Music Esports will transfer to Song NFT holders so that participating in the game is supporting music creators.

  3. Music Streaming Service
    Musetap will launch Song NFT in conjunction with Streaming Platforms like Kkbox and Spotify. In the future, Musetap also intends to develop their own streaming platform within the app.

    Musetap keeps investigating the ways of burning TMT, which includes concert tickets, collaboration with physical retailers and other paid activities.

Trading pairs of BNB/PMT and BNB/TMT will be available on Biswap, a decentralised exchange platform,

The founder, Cosmos would like to create music value from gaming and build a community full of music and creativity. Musetap attracts audiences to listen to different kinds of music from gaming and motivates more music creation from entertainment.

Hashtag: #Musetap


Musetap is a Music-to-Earn NFT project crafted by a team of Hong Kong musicians and creators who would like to promote music to the world, especially Hong Kong music, and create music value through gaming. Furthermore, we would like to build a community full of music and creativity.

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