Laos National Sepak Takraw Teams See Wins at Kings Cup Tournament

Laos men's and women's Sepak Takraw teams celebrate their wins
Laos men's and women's Sepak Takraw teams celebrate their wins.

Teams from Laos have won several matches at the King’s Cup Sepak Takraw tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand from 23 to 31 July.

Sepak Takraw, sometimes called kick volleyball, is a Southeast Asian sport that requires two to four players kick a rattan ball over a net on a court that resembles a badminton court.

The 35th Sepak Takraw World Championship (King’s Cup) took place in Bangkok, Thailand from 24-31 July.

The Lao Women’s Doubles Sepak Takraw team performed well at the Group Stage, beating Malaysia, Nepal, Iran, and Taiwan. At the semi-final, the Laos women’s team defeated Myanmar 2-0, moving on to the final, and becoming the champion after winning 2-0 against the Indonesian Women’s Double team.

The Lao Men’s Double Sepak Takraw team also made consecutive wins during the first round. However, they were beaten by the champion, Malaysia,  in the final round.

In this thrilling match, the Laos men’s team played a fierce game against Malaysia, scoring 24-25, 21-14, and 18-21 (1-2 sets). The Laos men’s team received silver medals , with bronze medals awarded to Indonesia and Myanmar.

Some 23 countries participated in the 35th Sepak Takraw King’s Cup competition, with 40 athletes attending from Laos.

Following the tournament, a welcoming ceremony for the Laos teams was held at the first Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge on 1 August, attended by Mr. Sengphone Phonamard, Head of High-Level Sports Department, Ministry of Education and Sports and Mr. Khamphone Thebphavong, Head of the first  Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge International Checkpoint, as well as Laos National Olympic Committee, Laos National Sepak Takraw Association Committee, and invited guests.