Suicide Bombing by Drug Dealer Kills 3 Cops in Luang Prabang

Three police were killed in suicide bombing.

Four people including three police officers died in Viengkham District following the arrest of a drug dealer earlier on Thursday.

The police attempted to apprehend one of the drug dealers before one of them blew himself up to escape arrest.

Three police officers were killed along with the drug dealer and four officers were injured from unknown explosives.

Police in the district are investigating into the motives and trying to obtain further information to track and arrest members of the illegal drug trafficking network.

A nurse at the district hospital who tried to save the police officers told The Laotian Times that two of them had serious head injuries and their hands were decapitated by the explosives. One of the officers suffered a serious injury to his chest leading to his demise.

“I feel so sorry about the police who have lost their lives on their line of duty, even though we tried our best to save them,” she said.

Following the incident, two drug dealers in the same connection were apprehended.