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“Pick, Peal, Heal” Plant-Based Cooking Competition Promotes OneHealth

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The European Union (EU) in Laos collaborated with Lao Government to organize the One Health Fair last weekend, as part of a broader campaign to raise awareness on the importance of protecting human and animal wellbeing, along with environmental conservation.

One of the main activities of the Fair was a plant-based cooking competition “Pick, Peal, Heal” to promote the consumption of organic, healthy, locally grown, and seasonal foods.

The cooking competition, “Pick, Peal, Heal”, was aimed at inspiring everyone to pay more attention to their health by selecting good nourishing ingredients of high nutritional value at a low cost. This includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, mung beans, other varieties of beans, and mushrooms.

“This cooking competition has been a great opportunity to demonstrate the variety of alternative food sources and promote plant-based products as fundamental ingredients in a healthy diet, not only for humans but also for environmental and animal conservation, said Mr. Vincent Viré, Head of Cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Laos, who was part of the panel of judges.

Ms. Assunta Testa, Food and Nutrition Security Attaché at the EU Delegation to Laos added “Even if one doesn’t follow a plant-based diet, considering a slight shift toward more plant-based protein is reasonable for both physical health and the environment”.

A female chef explained plan ingredients in her cooking to the judges.

Six Lao chefs working in popular restaurants in Vientiane, namely Mr. Soulivanh Chittavongsack, Mr. Sitthasone Phommachanh, Ms. Vilada Luangaphai, Ms. Vanhphet Nanthavongdouangsy, Ms. Vilaiphone Chanthanuthong and Mr. Khamla Ounmany, participated in the plant-based cooking competition at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vientiane on Saturday, 10 September.

Mr. Sitthasone Phommachanh, the chef, from Khaek Suan Sim Restaurant cooked the most nutritious, tasty, nicely decorated and colorful plate; and won a cash prize of 5,000,000 kip and will receive promotion for his restaurant via online and printed media.

Mr. Sitthasone Phommachanh, from Khaek Suan Sim Restaurant, was rewarded yesterday with 5,000,000 LAK for his recipe full of flavors and colors.

The winner was announced by a panel of judges comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Health, the EU Delegation, French Research Institute, the World Food Programme and the private sector who carefully evaluated the competing plates according to predefined criteria.

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