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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Identity Proof Mandatory to Book Train Tickets, says Laos-China Railway

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Laos-China Railway Company has issued a notice reminding passengers to bring proof of identification when purchasing tickets at any railway station. This will be effective from today.

The notice states that passengers must provide the original or a copy of their ID, like the LAO identity card, family book, or passports for foreign nationals. Identification won’t be required for children or infants.

While entering the train station, passengers must have valid identity proof and present it at the station’s checkpoint; otherwise, station officials may deny entry based on incorrect identification on the ticket. Staff can also do random checks at the train station to ensure this rule is followed by all passengers.

A train ticket with the name of a passenger.

The company has advised passengers to check the information on the train ticket once they have purchased it, and if the information is incorrect, they should return it to the sales personnel and ask for a replacement ticket to be issued.

After purchasing a train ticket, the passenger should keep it in a good condition, to ensure that it can be read and checked by station staff on the day of travel.

The company also recently announced an upgrade to facilities at Vientiane Railway Station that will secure overnight parking and public toilets.

The online ticketing system for the Laos-China Railway is expected to be competed by  the end of 2022.

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