Gangsters Wanted in Thailand for Death of Kyrgyz Woman Trafficked to Laos

Thai police investigate the apartment from where Anara Seitaleva jumped to her death. (Photo: Bangkok Post)

After the death of a 30-year-old Kyrgyz woman in Pattaya on Friday, three Chinese nationals are wanted by the Thai Police in connection to the incident.

Anara Seitaleva plunged to her death from the seventh floor of a condominium building in Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri, and was first assumed to have died by suicide. However, just three days prior, she had filed a police complaint against a Chinese couple she met through a Kyrgyz friend, who promised her a job in Thailand in the tourism industry, which paid THB 20,000 per month.

She arrived in Thailand on July 15 and a Chinese man met her at Suvarnabhumi airport and took her to Chiang Rai after an overnight stay in Bangkok. From Chiang Rai she was brought to Laos where he forcibly took her passport and made her work for a call center gang. She was forced into prostitution when she was unable to do the job. Seitaleva informed the police that she was also filmed while having sex with clients so that they could blackmail her.

On July 27 she was brought back to Bangkok where she was coerced into prostitution again. She managed to escape from the gang and escape to Pattaya on September 11 where she asked help from a German man and stayed in his room. The German man later informed the police that she was a friend of his girlfriend.

Seitaleva fell to her death from the seventh floor of a luxury condominium in Pattaya on 16 September.