Laos National Identity Card System Down Due to Database Error

Blank identity card

A system error has brought down the national identity card database in Laos, leaving residents unable to receive ID cards.

The Department of Census Management and Grass Roots Development, under the Ministry of Public Security, issued a notice last week advising residents awaiting new identity cards to use a family registration book as proof of identification until the situation is resolved.

According to the department, an error in the database software has prevented the issuance of new cards, as well as the failure of the backup power system and signal network.

Lao people who wish to renew their national identity cards have been told to wait until the system can be repaired, although the department has not given any indication as to how long this may take.

A national identity card is a compulsory form of identification in Laos, issued by the Ministry of Public Security on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is the main form of identification for citizens of Laos.