Vientiane Capital to See No Poor Districts This Year, Says Official

Tha Chang temple in Pak Ngum District, Vientiane Capital(Photo: Teng).

The capital is expected to be officially recognized as a poverty-free city by the end of this year.

Mr. Anouphab Tounalom, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, said during a recent poverty reduction conference that 154,562 families have been uplifted from their circumstances while 4,402 families remain below the poverty level in Vientiane Capital.

Vientiane Capital Administration and government sectors have completed the collection of data for evaluation to prepare a report for the government and it is expected that by the end of 2022, the last district will officially be announced free from poverty.

Pak Ngum is the only district still ridden with poverty among the eight districts, according to Mr. Anouphab.

He also stated that the establishment of large villages in areas of Sangthong District that will eventually become small towns in the countryside has not been accomplished well.

Meanwhile, during a conference last week, the Head of the Administrative Office of the Party Central Committee, Mr. Thongsalith Mangnomek, reported that Laos has been able to alleviate 14,000 families across the country from poverty in the last six years.

The number of poor families in the country has been reduced by about 14,000 households, from 76,000 families in 2016 to 62,384 families in 2021.

Earlier this year it was reported that Laos has received USD 210 million in poverty reduction funding from international organizations over the last 18 years. This financial assistance has helped to lift 1.3 million people across more than 2,000 remote villages in Laos out of poverty.