Thai Police: Woman’s Body Found Stuffed Into Suitcase May Be Laos National

A recue team brings the suitcase from the Mekong River.

A woman’s body found stuffed into a suitcase in Thailand is believed to be a Lao national, according to Thai police, leading to a cross-border investigation.

According to Thai media, a businessman in Laos has contacted authorities in Thailand regarding the grisly find, hoping to identify the victim.

Thairath reports that the suitcase was fished from the Mekong River in Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom Province, bordering Laos, on Wednesday.  Locals took it ashore before police were called to the scene and found the body of a woman inside.

The woman was described as being approximately 30 years of age, having “pale skin” and wearing brand-name clothing, leading many to suspect she may have been a wealthy individual.

Thai police remove the suitcase believed to contain a woman from Laos
Thai police remove the suitcase believed to contain the remains of a woman from Laos (Photo: Thairath).

Police believe the woman had been dead for five to six days and had likely been killed prior to being stuffed into the suitcase. There were no signs she had been tied up, while large rocks had been placed inside the suitcase along with the body to weigh it down.

The woman’s body was sent for an autopsy in Khon Kaen Province and transferred to Thatpanom Crown Prince Hospital.

The identity of a Lao businessman from Vientiane Capital who contacted Thai authorities has not yet been revealed, however, he is expected to travel to Thailand to view the remains and try to identify the woman, believed to be a missing relative.

Nakhon Phanom police are continuing the investigation and are coordinating with police in Laos.