Laos-China Railway Upgrades its Train Ticket


The Laos-China railway has modified its train ticket design so that relevant information is listed in a more streamlined manner.

Since its inception last year, the design of the Laos-China Railway train ticket has undergone several revisions. And from October 2, to present information like seat number, seat type, train number, date, and time more clearly on the ticket, it has again been altered slightly.

The LCR logo, which was previously located at the top left corner of the ticket, has now moved to the top center. Seat position and seat type are also printed in Lao to make it easier for people to understand the information. The sleeper class berths are listed by room number as well so that passengers can access them without any difficulty.

The QR code on the ticket has been made smaller and the font of the text detailing information like date, time, class, seat, etc. has been made bigger so that they are easier to read. The compartment, seat type, and numbers will also be listed in Lao (along with English) going forward so that the information is accessible to all people.  

Tickets issued in the older format will be valid and in use until October 7.