Laos Hosts Young Hacker Competition to Platform Best People in the Field

Participants at the Lao Young Hacker competition.

The winning team will represent Laos in the 6th Cyber SEA Game in Thailand next month, which will bring together the best people in the field of cybersecurity. 

Last week, Laos’ Department of Cyber Security in collaboration with Cyberus Technology Co. Ltd. organized the Lao Young Hacker Competition (LYHC) at the Institute of Technology and Information. The event was attended by the Department’s Deputy Director Mr. Soutsakhone Phommachanh alongside students from universities, institutes, and other invited sectors.

The LYHC was held to select a talented Lao IT team that could compete with other ASEAN countries at the 6th Cyber SEA Game, which will be held in Bangkok on 10-11 November.

“‘Capture the Flag’ is a cyber security knowledge competition integrating various computer skills such as programming, web application hacking, digital forensics, cryptography, binary exploitation, and miscellaneous”, informs Cyberus Tech. Co, an information technology company based in Laos.

“To be the winner, attendees are required to find out the answer to every problem and collect as many points as possible. In the ‘Capture the Flag’ competition, ‘Jeopardy’ is a problem-solving format set, where the attendees attempt to hack and find the answer called ‘Flag’ for gaining points.”

During the six-hour competition hosted last Friday, the NayNayNayNay team gained 1070 points and won the competition over other participating teams like CEITSWI (who came second with 930 points) and MARKNUT (who ranked third with 615 points). NayNayNayNay will represent Laos and compete in Bangkok in November.

The 6th Cyber SEA Game winner will then go on to participate in the cyber security competition SECCON which will be held in Japan in February 2023.