Laos-China Railway Installs Timer to Charge Parking Fees at Vientiane Station


Laos-China Railway has installed a timer to calculate the parking fee of vehicles entering and leaving the Vientiane railway station.

After the announcement of overnight parking and access to public toilets outside the Vientiane railway station, it has now been reported that a timer has been installed at the parking lot entry to collect parking fees at the station starting 5 October. A temporary parking lane has also been allocated for vehicles to pick up and drop off passengers.

A staff who is stationed in front of the station will be issuing and checking tickets for all vehicles. Tickets will contain information regarding the time when a vehicle enters the premises, and the parking fees will be levied depending on when the vehicle exits the premises. The parking ticket will also be used as evidence to ensure that people who have parked for more than 10 minutes don’t get away without paying the fees.

Vehicles that pick up or drop off passengers within 10 minutes don’t have to pay a parking fee. Vehicles parked for a longer duration would have to pay the following amount per hour: LAK 5,000 for motorbikes, LAK 5000 for three-wheelers, LAK 10,000 for vehicles with less than seven seats, LAK 15,000 for minibus, LAK 20,000 for bus, and LAK 30,000 for buses with more than 25 seats.

Vehicles of the Vientiane Capital association can also pay the fee monthly to avail parking services with ease. The fee for using public toilets outside the station has also been set at LAK 3000 per person.

The Lao-China Railway has recently upgraded its tickets as well so that information can be accessed more easily by passengers.