Laos Sees 62 Killed, 750 Injured in Road Accidents in September

Road accidents across Laos in September | Laos Security News Website

According to recent data from the Lao Ministry of Public Security, 62 persons were killed and 750 others were wounded in road accidents in Laos in September.

There has been an increase from the figures reported in August when 58 persons died and 732 others suffered injuries in road accidents in Laos. Most of the reported casualties have been people on motorcycles.

The ministry’s traffic police section further stated in a report that 831 vehicles were damaged in 489 road accidents documented across the country in September. Around 397 suffered very light damages, 419 were moderately damaged, and 15 were badly damaged and could not be repaired.

Vientiane, Laos’ capital, had the most road accidents, followed by Savannakhet, Champasack, Attapeu and Luang Prabang provinces.

The damage caused was estimated to be around LAK 7 billion (about USD 418,000).

According to the report, like last month, the primary causes of road accidents in Laos remain driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, not obeying traffic signals and unsuccessful overtaking attempts.