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Laos-China Railway to Develop Cross-Border Transportation to China

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Laos-China Railway plans to improve the transportation of goods by railway across the border and create opportunities for companies to export their products.

Mr. Asan, a Chinese translator for the project management department of China Railway Construction Group (CRCG) revealed that the railway company is exploring a new model of international railway transportation expanding the Laos-China railway through the border, and connecting it to a route being looked at for China-Europe Railway.

He informed that the railway has recorded a total of 739 million passengers and 851 million tons of freight being transported in the last 10 months of operation. In September alone, it shipped 125 million tons of goods, setting a record for the most amount of freight shipped in a month.

Over 1,200 different types of goods have been transported with a total value of more than CNY 100 billion (approximately USD 13,902,790) this year.

Mr. Asan stated that after the opening of the Lao-China railway, there has been increased interest in domestic and foreign tourists to visit the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.

The railway has also enabled locals to start their businesses, such as grocery stores and restaurants serving travelers near railways station, and make an income.

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