Two Buddy Robbers Arrested in Xaythany After Attempting to Steal a Motorbike

Two teenagers were arrested for using a firearm to steal a motorbike.

Vientiane’s Xaythany district police have recently arrested two men in possession of handguns and two stolen motorbikes after being notified by one of their victims.

The Deputy Chief Officer of the Police Head Quarter of Vientiane’s Xaythany district, Mr. Soulivahn Keomanyvong said in an interview with Laos Security News that the police arrested the two men after one of their victims filed a report claiming that his motorbike was stolen after they threatened him by firing a gun.

He further stated that ever since the authorities received the report, they had been working to track down the men who have been identified as 18-year-old Phonsavahn, who lives in Sikottabong district, and 17-year-old Phimmasone, from Xaythany district.

The teenagers confessed that they have committed a total of six crimes to date, and their latest was on 12 September at 3:00 am when they robbed a car and fired a bullet to scare the victim. Phonsavahn also admitted to having committed more crimes together with two other friends, and they used two white PCX motorbikes without license plates for these incidents.

According to Lao Security News, this incident highlights the increasing number of crimes that are plaguing Vientiane’s Capital at the moment. However, the police will continue to make their best effort to arrest the other accomplices and restore peace and order in the region.

Residents in Laos have also been voicing concern over this issue, urging authorities to step up their game and take serious action to reduce the rate of crimes being committed in the country.