Govt to Double its Efforts to Tackle Economic Crisis and Drug Trafficking

Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh

Government agencies have been urged to double their efforts in addressing the two national agendas that look at tackling the ongoing economic crisis and drug trafficking.

Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh led the government’s monthly meeting, where they decided to take steps to improve the country’s economy and deal with social issues.

The meeting took place between 26-27 October and saw attendance from cabinet members. The meeting also highlighted the responsibility of the relevant authorities to strengthen national income and control currency exchange rates.

Pertinent sectors were informed to ensure a sufficient supply of foreign currencies, notably Thai Baht and US dollars, to purchase necessary commodities and fuel.

The government also emphasized the importance of paying off its debt to international and domestic creditors.

It further expressed acknowledgment towards the severe impact of flooding in several provinces. The government requested support from all sectors to aid with rehabilitation efforts and return living conditions to normal.

The cabinet meeting approved six essential documents, which will act as key guidelines for government sectors in fulfilling targets in the coming future.

The first document covers the government’s primary achievements throughout October and plans to be executed in November. The second document covers the Lao PM’s visit to Singapore and Cuba PM’s visit to Laos and outlines how the relevant sectors should execute the agreements during these visits.

Following that, the meeting approved government reports to be presented at the upcoming National Assembly session. The fourth document was a decree on foreign scholarships, aiming to expand access to higher education for Lao citizens.

The fifth one relates to the usage of wavelengths in radio communications while the sixth looks at the national strategy on ethnic affairs development from 2021-2030 and the vision to 2035.