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Police Asks People to Strictly Follow Traffic Rules During That Luang Festival

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Vientiane traffic police have requested members of the public attending That Luang Festival to obey rules and park their vehicles at pre-arranged locations.

Deputy Director of the Vientiane Traffic Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel, Mr. Thongsavanh Namvong, stated that the department has designated specific spots for parking to keep traffic in control and ensure safety for everyone.

The That Luang festival and the exhibition at the Lao-ITECC shopping center are expected to draw large crowds between 4-8 November.

The festival will see police operations at certain roads, junctions, and roundabouts, including 359 police deployments and 24-hour checkpoints in Naxaythong, Xaythany, Pakngum, and Sangthong districts.

VIP individuals can park their vehicles on the east side of the Lao House Area (CNP Company) or in the square in front of the National Assembly. Delivery vehicles must arrive between 8-11 am and park in authorized locations after delivering their goods.

Public transport vehicles have been instructed to only drop their passengers at specific locations, including the That Luang Market, the Patuxay Monument, Nongsangthor Secondary School, and the villages of Phonsa-art, Sisangvon, and Phonxay. Three-wheeled vehicles, along with bicycles and motorbikes must also park in the designated area where the traffic police on duty indicate.

Vehicles coming from Road 13 North should park at Patuxay Monument and in front of the Indo-China Bank, as well as Sibounheuang village, in specific places that won’t cause an obstruction. Vehicles from the Road 13 South Road No. 10 from Ban Kern village could park on the pavement of Phonphanao village.

Law enforcement authorities are taking special precautions as, during the boat racing festival in October, 101 accidents took place that claimed the lives of 13 people, injured 175, and damaged 186 vehicles across the country. Vientiane capital suffered the most number of accidents and casualties around this time.

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