Police Seize 4 Million Amphetamine Pills in Bokeo

Packages of amphetamine pills seized from the criminals' pick-up truck | Photo credit: PL Bokeo News

Local police confiscated 4 million amphetamine pills last week but failed to catch the traffickers in Bokeo’s Tonphueng district.

After a local filed a report on 1 November, claiming that drug trafficking would take place within the district through the Mekong river, the police sent their special unit on patrol to the river’s shore to prevent the foreseeable crime.

The next day the police spotted a long-tailed boat with two people on board sailing from the north. The police suspected that the boat might be carrying illegal items, so they started tracking it down, following it down to the waterfront.

Upon reaching the waterfront, a ray of light shone down in their direction before the police noticed that it was from the pickup truck, making them stop the vehicle for interrogation. However, the truck driver refused to obey orders and continued driving away from the police.

The cops chased the pickup truck on their motorbike and were 300 meters from the suspected vehicle when the truck stopped in the middle of the road, and the criminals made a run for it and managed to escape in the darkness of the night.

While inspecting the Vigo pickup truck, the police seized 20 bags carrying 4 million amphetamine pills inside 40 parcels. The police are now conducting further investigation and looking to track down the driver alongside his accomplices.