Lao Actress Scammed by Devious Thai Celeb

Lily provided evidence to Thai authorities | Photo credit:

Lao actress, Lilly Phonsavan, filed a complaint on Wednesday to the Justice Ministry of Thailand after a Thai celebrity tricked her into investing in a scam.

Ms. Wanmanee “Lilly” Phonsavan, a Lao star, submitted evidence regarding the fraud to police after Thai celebrity, 30-year-old Mr. Aongart “Aerk” Lederer, fled to Germany last month.

Lily also urged Thai police to seek assistance from their German counterparts in apprehending the man.

The Lao actress added that in her last conversation with the former Thai actor, Aerk informed her that he had to flee because he had been assaulted and had also received threats against his life.

Aerk persuaded Lily to invest in a beauty salon last month, but she declined. The 30-year-old then asked for a loan of THB 6 million from the Lao Star, which he soon repaid.

However, the Thai celebrity continued to borrow money from Lily for what he claimed was Covid-19 treatment until the debt reached THB 34 million, according to The Thaiger.

Thai authorities say that Aerk has a reputation for convincing other celebrities to invest in businesses such as luxury cars, watches, or real estate before claiming that he would pay back ten to 15 percent, which he does at first but stops paying later.

Thai police also claimed that the fraudster would create a bogus profile by renting a fancy condo and expensive automobiles and posting images of himself with them to convince investors that he is already wealthy.

Lily’s lawyer, Mr. Wannop Anumatchimplee, revealed that there were over 100 victims who had fallen victim to the celeb.

The victims, according to Khaosod, were divided into two groups, with the first being 40 individuals who were scammed in 2018, and the second involving 50 individuals who were duped between 2020 and 2022.

Some ten other individuals were unaware that they had become victims of the celebrity’s scam operation, which is believed to have netted him more than THB 500 million.