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The Knoble chooses Callsign as global partner to provide intelligent authentication solutions

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Pro bono partnership protects employees, members and volunteers during registration and login journeys

NEW YORK, USA – Media OutReach – 13 December 2022 – Callsign, the digital trust pioneer, today announced a global pro bono partnership with The Knoble to accurately identify employees, external volunteers and membership organizations, making sure only the right people have access to sensitive data. Layering intelligence with Callsign’s passive authenticators, device fingerprinting and threat detection, The Knoble can accurately identify employees, members and business partners during their registration and login journeys. If any intelligence flags unusual data, Callsign authenticators will step up and validate the user accordingly. The Knoble can tailor authentication journeys in Callsign’s Orchestration Engine where rule-based policies can be managed in real time with no code changes.

To achieve their mission of protecting the vulnerable, including victims of human trafficking, child exploitation, scams and elder abuse, The Knoble has created a global community called The Knoble Network™ which brings together the experience, expertise and resources of partner organizations with thousands of members to make a difference.

‘The high-profile nature of The Knoble’s membership and their work requires robust protection to protect our infrastructure. Callsign’s technology is cutting edge, it’s simple to implement, and allows us to intelligently authenticate our employees and membership, enabling us to focus on our mission.,’ said Dave Worland, Executive Director, The Knoble.

‘The founding principle behind Callsign is to make people safe in the digital world, so it’s a privilege to join forces with The Knoble who share similar goals to us, and work to protect vulnerable people from scams, exploitation and human trafficking.’ Zia Hayat, CEO and Co-Founder, Callsign.

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About Callsign 

Callsign is building digital trust and accountability into every online interaction.

Digital trust is underpinned by the confidence we have that people are who they say they are online; without digital identities, we can’t have trust or accountability online.

Through proprietary technology that uniquely mimics the way humans identify each other in the real world, Callsign digitally identifies genuine users with minimal friction whilst ensuring that bad actors are blocked. Through a simple Swipe or Type, users can be personally recognized with the highest- fidelity AI based user recognition for the digital world.

To learn more about how this technology is used to underpin digital trust across financial institutions, governments and commerce globally visit:

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