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Clinixero, A Diabetes Management Healthcare Brand, Awarded Malaysia Book Of Records For Most Patients In A Virtual Diabetic Programme

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 16 December 2022 – Clinixero, a diabetes management healthcare brand of Sozo Management and Resources Sdn Bhd was recently awarded a certificate by Malaysia Book of Records for having the “Most Patients in a Virtual Diabetic Programme”.

(Centre) Dr Jasmine Chew (Clinixero co-founder), Mr Chiew, and Dr Andrew Chiew (Clinixero founder) receiving the Malaysia Book of Records for having the
(Centre) Dr Jasmine Chew (Clinixero co-founder), Mr Chiew, and Dr Andrew Chiew (Clinixero founder) receiving the Malaysia Book of Records for having the “Most Patients in a Virtual Diabetic Programme” award. The certificate was given by Madam Lee Pooi Leng (left) and Cik Siti Nurhanim Binti Mohd Noh (right) from Malaysia Records Sdn Bhd.

Dr Andrew Chiew, founder of Clinixero, “During the pandemic, our patients had difficulty coming to our wellness centre. This was when we decided to convert our consultations entire online so that we can reach out to our patients near and far. You can say that we are one of the healthcare providers that adopted tele-consultation very early and entirely. And because of that, we were able to reach out to 934 diabetic patients, from just about 50 patients before the start of pandemic. We are so grateful that Malaysia Book of Records recognized our efforts.”

The award was given at the Sweet Retreatz dinner attended by 40 patients and their family and friends coming from as far as Penang, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore. This is the first time, post-pandemic, that Clinixero and their patients are gathered and meeting onsite for the two-day retreat in Kuala Lumpur where patients share their experiences with each other with regards to the management of their blood sugar. 12 patients were also recognized for their visible improvements after joining the Clinixero programme.

Datuk Michael Lim, 60, who was awarded Best in Blood Sugar Award said, “I have had diabetes since 2001. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on various methods to manage my sugar level but without success. Before joining the Clinixero Programme, my sugar level was around 8 on average. On an empty stomach, it is around 7 and after meals, it will usually spike up to 9 and above. After the programme, my blood sugar measures at around 5 before food and 6+ after food.”

The winner of Best in Weight Loss Award Henry Kung used to weigh 113kg – and since following the programme, his weight has dropped to 72kg. “I used to eat meals that are high in carbohydrate such as noodles and such. Since switching to the diet prescribed by Clinixero, I have been able to enjoy eating more than ever while still losing weight,” explained the 62-year-old. “I am so happy that managing my diabetes is a process that I can enjoy.”

Kindergarten principal Cherry Tee, 42, was awarded the Transformational Award. She said, “Before joining the programme, I eat six meals a day. And I don’t control what I eat – nasi lemak, fried chicken – you name it, I will eat it! Initially, I was skeptical if I could endure fasting. I made a complete switch in my mindset and now, I have completely changed the way I approach my lifestyle.” Tee added, “My advice to those who are still struggling is that, you have to believe in yourself, and tell yourself that you can do it.”

Dr Jasmine Chiew, co-founder of Clinixero said, “We are very proud of how far our patients have arrived. In addition to following our Clinixero Protocol, a Reversing Diabetes Programme managed by qualified doctors that includes detailed customized meal plans and careful removal of medications, I must attribute the success to their discipline and perseverance in “reversing” Type-2 diabetes.”

“The secret to our success is by treating the root cause of our patient’s problems and not just the symptoms. Our mission is to help 10,000 patients manage their blood sugar, blood pressure, and their weight: hence delaying and preventing any possible complications resulting from diabetes. Diabetes is expected to affect seven million Malaysian adults aged 18 and older by 2025 and this is a major public health risk. We hope to be able to play our part by helping as many patients as we can,” concluded Dr Andrew.

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