Most Children in Vientiane Want to Become Doctors or Nurses

Students in Laos. ( Photo: Vientiane Secondary School).

According to a recent survey, most children in the country’s capital city aspire to be doctors or nurses when they grow up.

A survey conducted by the organization 108 Jobs and Wise called the First Lao Children’s Dream Job Survey collected data from ninth and twelfth graders in six state and private schools in Vientiane Capital to draw this conclusion.

Around 1,026 children participated in the survey and pursuing a career in the field of medicine was the top profession of choice as they wanted to support and care for other people. The second most popular option was starting a business, and children coming third on the list were unsure of what career path to choose.

Several students also showed interest in taking up a job in the entertainment industry and joining the armed forces or police. The survey highlighted how 90 percent of students knew what they wanted to become and only 10 percent were uncertain about their future careers.

Most students were keen on learning English and 36 percent were also interested in studying abroad in countries like the US, China, Australia, and Japan. The United States and China were also two countries this sample group of children was keen on knowing more about.

According to the survey, the most favorite subjects among the students were English, sports, history, music, and Lao social studies.

This year, Laos ranked the lowest on the list from the Education First English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), the world’s most expansive ranking of adults by their fluency in English.