Straw Hut Village is New Tourist Attraction in Vientiane Province

People gather and enjoy themselves at a straw hut | (Photo: ເມືອງເຟືອງແດນງາມ Mueng Fueng Dan Ngam)

Straw Hut Village, a new tourist attraction just opened this month in Vientiane Province’s Meuang Feuang district, to attract both domestic and international visitors.

Sam Meun Toup Feuang (Thirty Thousand Straw Hut Village) hosted the Straw Hat festival between 4-15 December that saw participation from numerous local and foreign tourists who were visiting the district.

According to the Managing Director of the complex, Ms. Vonmanivong Stern, tourists who attended the festival also stayed overnight at the huts which are made of rice straw and other natural materials.

“Even after the festival, we plan to keep the huts open, as they are clearly a big attraction,” she said.

Ms. Vonmanivong added that the current amenities would also be improved to provide more comfort to tourists in the future.

The Straw Hut Village, according to the Governor of Meuangfeuang district, Mr. Khomphet Chansomphou, focuses on providing visitors with the unique rural life experience of Meuang Feuang district’s ethnic groups.

There would also be no loud music to distract visitors from the peace and quiet of the village and the breathtaking backdrop of limestone mountains.

“We organized the Sam Meun Toup Feuang Straw Hut Festival to acquaint people with the story of “Phathor Norkham”, the limestone mountain range that runs through this district, local heroes from bygone times, and the area’s cultural traditions,” said Mr. Khomphet.

According to Vientiane Times, visitors can also rent and dress up in ethnic costumes and click photos to make their time more memorable.

The district has now established Thirty Thousand Straw Hut Village festival to be an official district festival that the village will hold annually starting this year.

During this year’s event, the locals had a chance to boost their income by selling their agricultural products at the venue. The festival also brought together various ethnics group from all walks of life to contribute in the growing prosperity of the district.

Although the festival is over, around 40 straw huts are still available for tourists to come and experience. Each hut can house two people overnight.

A one night stay could cost around LAK 200,000 – 600,000 (USD 11.54-34.62) depending on the size of the hut, and other essential facilities.

Head of Office of the district’s Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Ms Somekhith Chithdavong, said, “The number of people visiting Meuang Feuang district has doubled over the past year or so as word has spread about its attractions. This year we have had at least 47,000 visitors.”

Currently, the roads to Mueang Feuang district are all paved with asphalt and are quite convenient to travel on. One could travel from Vientiane Capital through the expressway and take the exit at Hinheup district and continue to Mueang Feuang, which would take approximately one hour and a half.