Laos to Open its Border with China This Week

Vehicles at the Boten-Bohan border.

Authorities in Laos and China have agreed to reopen the international border crossing between Boten and Bohan on Sunday.

According to a notice issued yesterday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the international border is all set to reopen in line with a revised Chinese policy on Covid-19 prevention and control.

A notice issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The border will officially reopen for entry and exit from 8 January.

The news comes at a time when a number of countries in Southeast Asia are bracing for an influx of Chinese tourists.

It is unclear how travel on the Laos-China Railway will be affected after the border reopening, and if it will be possible to travel between China and Laos by rail after the initial opening.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice on 15 December 2022 outlining a regulation in which foreign workers entering Laos would be required to purchase Covid-19 insurance in the country.