Vientiane Deputy Mayor Issues Ban on Firecrackers

Vientiane Deputy Mayor Issues Firecrackers Ban
Police checking the shop selling a bunch of firecrackers (photo: newstrawan)

The governor of Vientiane Capital issued a notice on Monday prohibiting the importation, production, or possession of any kind of firecracker.

According to the notice issued by the Deputy Mayor of Vientiane Capital, Mr. Phouvong Vongkhamsao, all types of firecrackers are prohibited from being imported, sold, or used in the Capital.

The notice states that those who violate the order would face hefty fines and prosecution under relevant law.

Any individual found in possession of any kind of firecracker faces a fine of up to LAK 100,000 per 100 gm. The use of firecrackers, on the other hand, will result in a fine of LAK 500,000 per firework.

For festivals or special occasions, an individual must notify the district and village governors 48 hours before the use of firecrackers so that the authorities can notify people about the loud noise.

The authorities have also been urged to keep a close eye on any violations. The seized firecrackers must be kept in a safe space or disposed of.

The measures went into effect on Monday, just after the Deputy Mayor made the announcement.

In 2021, fireworks and firecrackers were categorized as one of three types of noise pollution causes, as officials focused on cracking down on their use in the Capital.