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Lao Food Producers Hope for Place on the International Stage

This Week

Have you ever been to the Lao Food Festival in Vientiane? This year’s Lao Food Festival was organized last week, attracting a number of domestic and international guests to taste Lao cuisine. The festival was organized last weekend by the Lao Women’s Union in cooperation with the Lao Businesswomen’s Association at Chao Anouvong Park near the Mekong River, under the theme “Promoting Lao Food for International Recognition.”

As the key sponsor of the event from its inception, 19 years ago, until today. The Lao Brewery Company has been keen to support Lao food to international recognition.

Grilled chicken sold at Lao Food Festival 2023. ( Photo: jipnoi)

The festival is an annual event to raise the profile of Lao culture by showcasing Lao food and the life style of Lao people. The event focused on women, entrepreneurs, and restaurant owners across the country, supporting their effort to promote, display, cook and increase sales.

Lao Brewery Company Ltd. has always been associated with efforts to promote the uniqueness of the food, culture, and traditions of the Lao people.

Laos is renowned for beverages, especially Beerlao, which has become popular worldwide. The Lao Brewery Company Ltd. hopes that they can help promote more of Laos’ unique food and culture worldwide.

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