Makerbox Lao holds Open House on Saturday

Makerbox Lao's Open House to Take Place After Relocation on Saturday
Two children look at a science graphic on a computer. (photo: Makerbox Lao)

Makerbox Lao will be hosting an open house ceremony on Saturday after relocating from the PARKSON Laos shopping center to a new three-floor building in Saysettha district’s Nongbone village.

Makerbox Lao will hold an open house from 10 pm to 4 pm on Saturday 4, February 2023. Entry is free of charge.

The Laotian times called Makerbox Lao and spoke to a representative over the phone to discuss the relocation and the upcoming open house.

The goal of launching Makerbox Lao, according to the representative, is to encourage Lao adolescents to join together, share ideas, study, and collaborate on various science projects using the organization’s science instruments that very few places in Laos can provide.

He also noted that the open house event will allow the participants to have a deep exploration of the new building. Further details will be announced at the event.

“Participants will be able to tour every nook and crevice of the new building and learn the function of each room on every single floor. There are study, activity, and conference rooms, as well as other amenities that the old facility did not provide,” he said.

Makerbox Lao’s Open House to Take Place After Relocation on Saturday
The new location of Megabox Lao (photo: Megabox Lao)

The representative explained that the relocation is the result of Makerbox Lao and Parkson Laos’s contract expiring. He noted that financial issues are the reason for not renewing the deal.

He also added the price of using the workspace and certain scientific tools will remain the same despite the relocation. Furthermore, advanced support from experts are available – for a fee.

“Those who are familiar with the scientific instruments and know what they are doing will simply need to pay for the equipment and the space, while those who seek assistance from our specialists will need to pay extra,” the representative elaborated.

Makerbox Lao is a non-profit organization and will continue to operate as a non-profit entity, with the ultimate goal being self-sufficiency when ideas generated at Makerbox Lao are launched into the market.