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Laos Sees an Increase in Electric Vehicle Imports Across the Country

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The country reported an increase in the importation of electric vehicles last year, following multiple hikes in fuel prices.

Mr. Thongphat Inthavong, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, said at a conference earlier this month that people in Laos have started using electric vehicles more after fuel shortages and increase in fuel prices that were reported in 2022.

The country has a total of 3,201 electric vehicles, including 1,428 cars and 1,773 motorcycles, all of which were imported with the assistance of international aid and the private sector, said Mr. Thongphat.

Twenty charging stations are available in Laos, and 18 distributors of gasoline-powered automobiles have begun importing electric vehicles for sale in the country.

The government of Laos intends to replace its transportation system with electric vehicles by 2025 to reduce fuel imports.

According to a policy issued by Former Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh, more than 30% of all vehicles are expected to be EVs by 2030.

This month, premium petrol costs were reported at LAK 26,490 per liter, regular petrol costs at LAK 21,050 per liter, and diesel price was LAK 19,820 per liter, according to a report from Lao State Fuel Company.

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