Laos to Experience Warmer Weather, Light Rain This Week

Laos to Experience Warmer Weather, Light Rain This Week
Sunny weather in Patuxay, Vientiane, Laos (photo:

As the high pressure of cold air that covered Laos last week weakens, the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology predicts that the country will experience warmer weather along with some rainfall this week.

Although temperatures are expected to soar, particularly in the central and southern parts of Laos, provinces in the northern region, notably Xaysomboun province and Bolaven Plateau will still experience chilly mornings, accompanied by light fog. A slight downpour is also expected across the country.

The northeast provinces of the country will experience colder temperatures in the morning, as well as light fog. Xieng Khouang can also expect mild rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. The temperature will hover around 12-14 degrees but could go as high as 25-29 degrees in the province.

The cold will also hit the northwest but the region will gradually get warmer during the day, with the minimum temperature hovering between 15-20 degrees, which could up to 33-35 degrees during the daytime. While Luang Namtha may see some rain on Monday, Xayaboury is predicted to experience mild rain from Monday to Thursday.

Provinces in central Laos, including Vientiane prefecture, Bolikhamxay, Khammouane, and Savannakhet should also expect mild rain from Monday to Thursday. The temperature may drop to 19-23 degrees but could also go up as high as 34-36 degrees.

Xaysomboun, particularly, will be colder than the other provinces in the center as the temperature will range from 11-13 degrees and may rise to 21-23 degrees.

The southern region of Laos, comprising Pakse, Paksong, Salavanh, Sekong, and Attapeu provinces will experience hot weather in the afternoon with rain in certain areas, with the temperature ranging around 19-23 degrees. The warmest temperatures could reach 33-36 degrees.

Temperatures on the Bolaven Plateau can fall as low as 10-14 degrees and maximum temperatures would be around 23-25 degrees. The plateau will experience chilly weather and little rain during this week.

Vientiane Capital, on the contrary, will see no rain throughout the week. The weather will be warm to hot during the day but cool off at night. Temperatures may reach 33-35 degrees during the day and 20-23 degrees at night.