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Advancing to the Next Phase: PandaiSuite Commences Phase II Development

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 9 February 2023 – PandaiSuite, an online course management platform based in Singapore, is bridging the gap between digital transformation and individual learning. Cognotiv, the parent company of PandaiSuite, is further developing an advanced and cutting-edge system that takes a systematic approach to improve efficiency in learning and training. Titled PandaiSuite Phase II, the game-changing system uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to provide personalised courses and optimise the overall training cycle. This new iteration comprises four key features: PandaiMind, PandaiKM, PandaiHR and PandaiNetwork. Their approach to learning has enabled them to capitalise on the growing ASEAN smart education and learning market, which is estimated to be worth US 354,597.8 million by 2027, according to the Coherent Marketing Institute.

PandaiMind, a patent-protected solution, intends to improve training and learning neural networks while leveraging learner profile-driven training and course design improvement. PandaiKM, another ground-breaking feature, aims to offer comprehensive knowledge management and course recommendations, as well as an AI-enabled career path training planner to help users identify relevant courses for their career goals. The next phase also sees the rollout of PandaiHR, which is designed to bridge the gap between SME/Enterprise and Training Providers (TPs) while enabling learners to acquire relevant skills through AI-enabled training. The final advanced addition to PandaiSuite Phase II includes PandaiNetwork, which seeks to facilitate networking between learners and trainers, creating a community based on learning and development. Together, these improvements will provide a more effective learning management system while enhancing the inclusive learning experience for users.

The new additions of PandaiSuite Phase II are projected to bolster the existing components of PandaiSuite Phase I, which include PandaiCore, PandaiCart, PandaiCampus, and PandaiCorner. This first phase laid the framework for PandaiSuite to be an online course platform that offers learners the flexibility to personalise their learning journey. Designed to cater to corporate training providers and individual learners looking to enhance their skill set and knowledge base, the current platform allows users to select from various short courses, monitor their progress, and take relevant tests. It also enables users to learn at their own speed, offering access to professional trainers attached to the platform and allowing learners to achieve their goals regardless of their prior knowledge or skills.

With its proposed action plans, PandaiSuite has been selected to participate in the innovSpur Programme, which supports the advancement and early adoption of viable learning innovations for EdTech solutionists. As a result, the platform has been awarded a grant that is projected to support the implementation of PandaiSuite Phase II and its next steps of development.

Through its participation in the innovSpur Programme, PandaiSuite is equipped to benefit from the resources available and thereby has the potential to push its learning initiatives forward. The grant of up to $500,000 or 75% of the project value offered by the programme will allow PandaiSuite to cover a significant portion of the costs associated with scaling up and early adoption. The live-testing support offered in the real market and customer conditions also aim to aid PandaiSuite in understanding their customers better and fine-tuning their product to cater to market needs.

For more information, please visit https://pandaisuite.com/.

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