Florists in Laos See Rise in Customers Around Valentine’s Day

Flower Shops in Laos See Rise in Customers as Valentines' Day Arrives
Several banquet of roses from Keodokmaisod flower shop (Nouthaphone Simmavong)

After several years of living under Covid-19 restrictions, many florists were overjoyed to see a big increase in consumer traffic on the week of Valentine’s Day this year.

The Laopost news agency spoke with the florist of Keodokmaisod flower shop ahead of Valentine’s Day, to discuss how business has been for her shop during this time of the year.

The 44-year-old Ms. Keo Vongsombath was delighted at the prospect of selling many more flowers during this period compared to the same time in the past few years.

Flower Shops in Laos See Rise in Customers as Valentines’ Day Arrives
Ms. Keo Vongsombath, the florist of Keodokmaisod flower shop.

“The vibe these days is really lively, fun, and much better than the last couple of years,” she said.

“During the spread of Covid-19, many flower shops, including mine were subject to financial difficulties as most customers were forced to stay at home. However, after the government relaxed several regulations, we were able to open our shops again.”

Ms. Keo also revealed her shop’s best-selling flowers, as well as the types of consumers who frequent her store.

“Our best-selling flowers are rose, hydrangea, sunflowers, and lily,” the florist revealed. “Teenagers are the most frequent visitors to our store, followed by employees who enjoy surprising their partners with lovely bouquets, and then families.”

The Keodokmaisod flower shop has been operating for 12 years and is located in Phonsavanh village in the Sisattanak district of Vientiane Capital. The store sells a variety of flowers, including fresh flowers, rubber flowers, Chrysanthemums, and altar plants (for religious activities).