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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Luang Prabang to Repair Iconic Fountain Square Park

This Week

Local authorities will revamp the fountain park which also functions as a roundabout in the center of the city.

The Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport and a private firm will repair the fountain and the area around it within 45 days with a construction budget of over LAK 1 billion (USD 59,231).

Mr. Thavixay Khammany, Head of Luang Prabang City Urban Planning, spoke to the Laotian Times saying that the fountain was in poor condition with some issues with the water system, lights, and the surrounding areas.

He stated that after its completion, there will be more space around the fountain for public use, as well as a better water and lighting system.

According to Luang Prabang City Facebook Page, the fountain structure of an alms bowl or Khan in the Lao language represents the male breadwinner of the family while the other alms bowl or Oo represents the wife or a woman of the family. The fountain surrounded by sculptures of nagas and mother earth was built around 1969-1970.

Two alms bowls (left) and the mother earth (right).

The country plans to declare 2023-2024 as Lao Tourism Year to attract visitors as it prepares to host the ASEAN Summit in 2024.

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