Prudential Laos Launches Digital Life Insurance to Narrow Protection Gap

Prudential Laos Launches its First Suite of Digital Life Insurance Solutions to Narrow Protection Gap

Prudential Life Assurance (Lao) Company Limited (“Prudential Laos”) has launched “PRULife Guard” and “PRULife Starter”, its first suite of digital life insurance products. These products are designed to provide personal accident benefits, coverage for accidental medical expenses as well as death benefits due to non-accidental or accidental causes.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed people’s behavior toward life planning; Laotians now have a greater awareness of protection and healthcare needs. The launch of PRULife Guard and PRULife Starter demonstrates Prudential Lao’s commitment to making healthcare and life insurance accessible and more affordable to everyone.

These plans will allow the Lao community to get access to affordable insurance solutions to meet their protection needs. More importantly, the roll-out of PRULife Guard and PRULife Starter will help raise awareness of life insurance in Laos. Important information about life insurance and product benefits will be shared with Lao consumers through awareness campaigns.

Mr. Manish Gurbuxani, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Laos said, “Prudential Laos has invested in the development of technologies in order to make healthcare and financial solutions accessible for everyone. The launch of PRULife Guard and PRULife Starter will provide Lao consumers with a digital-led end-to-end customer experience on their mobile or computer devices. This is to ensure that Consumers can purchase, manage the policies, and make claims at their fingertips anytime and anywhere. These products were developed based on the feedback from our customers and the wider Lao community. We actively listen and engage with the Lao people to constantly review our product and service solutions to ensure we are meeting the needs of the consumer. We are excited that these are just the first of several new innovative solutions that will be rolled out this year”.

PRULife Guard is a one-year term life insurance coverage plan that covers death, accident, and total and permanent disability benefits, including optional personal accident benefits. PRULife Guard will provide protection on hospitalization bills in case of hospitalization confinement due to an accident. PRULife Guard’s basic package starts from LAK 160,000 a year with benefits of up to LAK 90 million.

PRULife Starter is a one-year term life insurance plan that provides protection against financial burden should death, total and permanent disability, or accident occur. PRULife Starter’s basic packages with an annual premium of only LAK 90,000  provide benefits of up to LAK 100 million.

These two products are suitable for people from 18 to 60 years old. Applicants are only to pay one annual premium and are required to complete a simple underwriting process by answering a few simple questions online.

PRULife Guard and PRULife Starter packages are now available on PRUShoppe on Prudential Laos’ official website. For more information: