Bird Flu Still Poses Significant Threat in Laos, Say Officials

Bird Flu Still Poses Significant Threat in Laos, Said Officials, After Deaths in Cambodia
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Director General of the Department of Livestock and Fisheries (DLF), Ms. Vilayphone Vorraphim recently spoke with the Laotian Times to discuss the risk of bird flu transmission in Laos.

Ms. Vilayphone stated that while bird flu is not a new disease in Laos, it continues to pose a substantial threat to both animals, particularly poultry, and public health. In fact, DLF has been monitoring the disease closely after two people died in Cambodia after contracting it last month.

According to the DLF director, in order to limit the spread of Bird Flu, the DLF has devised a surveillance system for the disease that allows for early detection of the sickness and rapid control of disease outbreaks.

She also stated that the DLF has increased its efforts on spreading public awareness about Bird Flu prevention and urged farms to use biosecurity measures such as disinfection, movement restriction, and pest control.

Additionally, the government has also asked the agriculture sector to focus on preventing and managing animal diseases, which are the primary impediment to livestock development. Especially bird flu since the disease not only affects poultry production but also poses a threat to human health.

At the moment, Laos continues to work and cooperate with neighboring countries to combat transboundary animal diseases such as bird flu.