Champasack Man Burns Down 28 Homes In Drug-fueled Rage

A fire damaged 28 houses in Champasack this week.

A man set fire to houses in Champasack Province on Thursday while intoxicated, damaging 28 homes and causing several families to lose their homes.

Public Security Magazine reports that an 18-year-old man was arrested and tested for amphetamine use after setting the fire.

Videos of distraught residents escaping the flames and attempting to extinguish fires have gone viral on social media.

A total of 28 houses were affected by the fire, with 17 reportedly completely destroyed.

According to information published by Phathoumphone Press Office on its Facebook page, the fire spread rapidly because many of the houses were traditional Lao homes made with flammable materials, particularly timber.

Some homeowners were able to retrieve household items and valuables from the fire, while others lost everything.

Emergency services had to travel more than 70 kilometers to reach the site of the fire.

No deaths or injuries were reported at the scene and police are continuing an investigation into the total damage.

The district is accepting donations from those who wish to assist the victims. Interested individuals may contact Pathumphone District Press Office at 020 9772 9700 (Lao language only).