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Monday, June 17, 2024

Champasack Residents Lose Over LAK 3 Billion to Fire Damage

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Residents in Champasack province suffered damages of over LAK 3 billion (USD 178,000) after a man under the influence of drugs, set fire to 28 houses on Thursday.

An 18-year-old man was arrested and tested for amphetamine use after starting up a fire in Phathoumphone District, Champasack Province that ravaged over a dozen homes.

Sixteen houses were completely destroyed and twelve were slightly damaged with a total damage value of about LAK 3.68 billion, according to a recent report from Media Laos.

Various videos were shared on social media highlighting the plight of residents trying to retrieve their belongings and escape their own homes.

Mr. Vilayvong Boutdakham, the Governor of Champasak Province, visited the damaged sites to boost the morale of residents, and monitored the current situation of the site.

The provincial authorities brought relief supplies, drinking water, and food items to the people in the areas, and provided cash and other supplies, with a total value of LAK 141 million (USD 8,000).

The governor of Champasack also expressed his grief over the unfortunate event and urged authorities to provide more necessary assistance, as well as plan to construct new houses for the people who lost their homes in the incident.

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