South, Central Laos to Experience Hot Weather Starting This Week

Hot Weather to Begin Hitting South, Central Laos This Week
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Laos will experience hotter weather this week, particularly in the south and center of the country, while the north will remain cool, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.

The report suggested that the high air pressure from China that had earlier blanketed Laos has started to weaken. As a result, the south and the center of Laos will see warmer weather with some fog during the day.

Both the southern and central regions of Laos will experience cold weather in the morning, but will gradually get warmer during the day, with fog in some areas.

The minimum temperature will be around 21-23 degrees, while the maximum temperature in the south could reach 33-35 degrees. The lowest temperature in the central region will be 20-22 degrees, but it could rise to 33-35 degrees during the daytime.

Vientiane Capital will see a climate to other provinces in the central region as the temperature would drop as low as 20-22 degrees, and rise as high as 32-34 degrees. Some areas are also anticipated to experience strong wind and thin fog.

Xaysomboun province is still expected to endure colder weather throughout the week, with early fog, light rain, and high winds. The lowest temperature will be between 11 and 15 degrees, although it may reach 20 to 22 degrees during the day.

Additionally, the northeast and west of Laos will also experience lower temperatures. Both regions will be chilly in the morning accompanied by some fog and light rain in some areas but will get progressively hotter as the day goes by.

Temperatures are expected to fall as low as 12-15 degrees in the northeast and 18-21 degrees in the northwest. The highest temperature will be around 27-30 degrees in the northeast and 33-35 degrees in the northwest.