Finance Ministry To Issue More Government Bonds via Lao Securities Exchange


The Ministry of Finance has announced the sale of a new tranche of government savings bonds worth trillions of kip.

Lao News Agency reports that the 4th tranche of savings bonds will be available for sale via the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX).

Valued at over LAK 2.5 trillion and USD 50 million respectively, the distribution of this fourth tranche of LAK and USD bonds was approved last month.

Mr. Soulivath Souvannachoumkham, Director General of the External Finance and Debt Management Department, Ministry of Finance, said at a press conference that the ministry had already sold government bonds amounting to LAK 5.9 trillion and USD 100 million between 2018-2022.

This year, the Ministry will increase bond volume and adjust interest rates for both kip currency and dollar currency bonds to attract more investors.

The new interest rate adjustments will see returns of 5.8% for one year, 6.9% for two years, 7.6% for three years, 7.75% for five years, 7.9% for seven years, and 8.15% for 10 years.

The interest rates on dollar bonds will be increased to 5% for one year, 5.5% for two years, 6% for three years, 7.5% for seven years, and 8% for ten years.