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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Vientiane Authorities Urge Telcos to Bury Cables

This Week

Vientiane’s Department of Communication and Technology issued a notice last week ordering telephone companies in the capital to bury their cables underground by 25 March.

According to the notice, the Department is pushing all telecommunications companies in Vientiane Capital that have installed telephone cables, internet cables, and other types of cable along electric poles to bury the wires as soon as possible.

The notice also reads “as a result, we request your assistance in hastening the burying or removal of your telecommunication cable systems by 26 March.”

“If the deadline is not met, the project committee will remove the electricity poles and will not take any responsibility for any potential damage to cables.”

The move comes as the city attempts to clean up longstanding messy telecommunications and transmission lines in parts of Vientiane Capital in time for the upcoming ASEAN Summit hosted by Laos in 2024.

Visitors to Southeast Asian cities have long been fascinated by the tangles of cabling observed in urban areas, with Tweets from prominent people, such as Australian actor Russel Crowe and entrepreneur Bill Gates, prompting the Thai government to take action regarding messy cables in Bangkok.

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