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Luang Prabang Reports Hazardous Levels of Air Pollution

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The UNSECO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang continues to experience dangerous levels of air pollution, according to a latest AQI report.

The PM2.5 levels on Monday reached an alarming level of 501-502, indicating severe health hazards for residents and visitors. The current AQI numbers highlight the urgent need for authorities to address the issue of air pollution in the region which has been prevalent for several weeks now.

Luang Prabang’s PM 2.5 forecast throughout the week from AQICN.org

It is predicted that Luang Prabang air will remain unhealthy throughout the week as the AQI of PM2.5 would hover around an average of 150 and above from Monday to Friday, which is categorized as very poor by WHO.

Luang Prabang Urban Planning and Management’s Deputy Director, Mr. Davanh Sirivong, informed the Laotian Times on Friday that the PM2.5 pollution in the area is no longer due to the burning landfill. He confirmed that the authorities had successfully extinguished the fire last week but noted that the cause of the fire is still being investigated by the police.

Mr. Sirivong suggested that the pollution may be originating from rural areas, where wood is being burned for various purposes. On Thursday, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued a notice regarding PM2.5 during the dry season. The notice highlighted that several factors, including forest fires, agricultural burning, and hunting practices, have contributed to the spread of PM2.5 pollution throughout the country.

The authorities included guidelines in the notice to help residents protect themselves from the harmful effects of deteriorating air quality. These guidelines include avoiding burning waste during the dry season, as it is a significant source of air pollution, refraining from outdoors physical activities, wearing a mask when stepping outside, and keeping oneself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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