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WHealth and GLAM Capital Signs a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Partnership

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Top Financial Experts Reveal the Investment Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era at the Financial Summit with the Debut of GLAM Alternative Investment Fund

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 28 March 2023 – WHealth Enterprise Group Limited (the “Group” or “WHealth”) delightedly announced that it would start a strategic collaboration in financial business with GLAM Capital Limited (“GLAM Capital”). The two parties held a “Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Partnership between WHealth and GLAM Capital” and the “Innovating New Capital Circle, Financial Trends Summit in the Post-epidemic Era” at the Golden Lilies International Banquet Hall on March 22nd, inviting a group of industry peers and social celebrities gathered to witness. Many famous people in the financial industry attended and participated in the discussion.

Signing Ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on strategic partnership between WHealth and GLAM Capital
Signing Ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on strategic partnership between WHealth and GLAM Capital

Deepen the strategic partnership of financial business, and achieve mutual integration within a win-win position

Rich Power Capital, an affiliated company responsible for managing investment business for the Group, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on a strategic partnership with GLAM Capital. This partnership will establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship between the two entities. The cooperation will involve more profound exchanges in investment decision-making, fund management, and other relevant aspects, aiming to produce synergistic effects and achieve fruitful results for mutual integration and win-win results. Additionally, GLAM Capital has announced the launch of two new Alternative Investment Funds, namely “GLAM Signature Alternative Investment Fund” and “GLAM Prestige Alternative Investment Fund”.

Innovating New Capital Circle, Financial Trend Summit Forum in the Post-epidemic Era
Innovating New Capital Circle, Financial Trend Summit Forum in the Post-epidemic Era

Celebrities came to support the financial forum, gathered outstanding insights

The financial summit held on the day mainly focused on the development trend of the global economy in the post-epidemic era, meanwhile reviewing and discussing Hong Kong’s major international financial status. The session included Prof. Witman HUNG, JP, the Hong Kong Deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chairman Emeritus of the Y.Elites Association; Mr. Lau Chi Yuen, a seasoned investor in Hong Kong; Mr. Ernie Hon, Managing Director of Essence International Securities (HK) Limited; Mr. Kenny Wen, Head of Investment Strategy KGI Asia, and Mr. Sunny Wan, co-founder of Yin Ding Family Office and Greater China director of Chartered Institute of China Family Office.

Professor Hung believed the Hong Kong market could create a complete chain reaction with the Greater Bay Area to accelerate economic recovery. Mr. Lau Chi Yuen concluded the changes in Hong Kong’s financial market since the 1980s and suggested exploring cooperation opportunities with the Southeast Asian financial markets. He is optimistic about the development potential of the capital community. Mr. Hon Chi Lap emphasized the importance of focusing on the Mainland’s economic development and the challenges the Hong Kong financial market may face during the global economic slowdown. Mr. Kenny Wan analyzed the economic situation in the post-epidemic era. He provided an outlook on the investment prospects of Hong Kong’s financial market with professional suggestions for Southeast Asian investors. Mr. Sunny Wan shared his views on the recent turmoil in the banking industry in Europe and America. He prospected a steady recovery of the economy and the potential for Hong Kong’s financial market to create new successes.

Based on the “Community Capital” platform to expand the financial service business

WHealth Enterprise Group Limited is involved in incubating biotechnology projects, agency sales of biotechnology products, and operating e-commerce platforms for the entire industry chain. The company aims to explore the potential of biotechnology in Hong Kong, connect with advanced international technology, and create a first-class local biotechnology industry. Additionally, WHealth has formed strategic partnerships with several listed companies and financial institutions in Hong Kong, integrating community ideas and capital concepts to create a “Capital Community” platform and launch a portfolio of financial products and services.

During the summit, all experts agreed that the partnership between WHealth and GLAM Capital is a comprehensive consolidation of their future strategic deployment. This partnership will optimize and strengthen the professional background of WHealth’s financial business division. Through sincere cooperation and complementary advantages, WHealth can rely on GLAM Capital’s industry know-how and professional advantages to provide more new and better services to the Group’s long-term followers and investors. This is believed to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation through improved information and ideal investment returns.

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