Thailand Set to Welcome 20 Million Visitors During Songkran Festival

20 Million Visitors Expected In Thailand During Songkran Festival
People play with water as they celebrate during the Songkran holiday in Bangkok, Thailand, April 13. ( Photo : REUTERS )

After a three-year hiatus, the popular Songkran (Pi Mai) Festival will be celebrated in Thailand this April, with more than 20 million visitors expected to attend the festivities.

This annual three-day water-splashing festival is celebrated in the majority of Buddhist countries, including Laos, and marks the Buddhist Calendar New Year.

To ensure safety during the festival, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has directed state agencies throughout the country to make necessary arrangements for the expected increase in visitors during Songkran.

Authorities have also urged tourists and residents to download the “Tourist Police i lert u” mobile application to file complaints or report any emergencies.

Additionally, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is organizing a major event to celebrate the festival this year, following a three-year pause due to Covid-19 restrictions, reports Bangkok Post.

All 50 district offices across Bangkok will also organize their own events, with Lan khon Muang in front of the City Hall in Phra Nakhon district designated as the venue for the festival.

According to VnExpress, the nation expects to see up to 20 million visitors traveling throughout the country between April 13 to 15 to celebrate the festival. Tourists and locals alike are expected to engage in traditional water-splashing activities, where water is believed to wash away bad luck and bring good fortune for the new year.