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Vientiane Residents Block Road with Drainage Pipes to Speed up Repair

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Residents of Chanthabouly District in Vientiane Capital, have resorted to using concrete drainage cement pipes to block a road in hopes of expediting the repair process.

The move comes in response to the frequent accidents and unhealthy dust created by the vehicles that pass through the area.

According to Laophattana News, residents living near Mother and Child Central Hospital in Chanthabouly District installed the pipes without permission from the district authorities.

Several vehicles experienced difficulty traveling on the road while motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians were completely blocked by the pipes from passing through.

Upon investigating the location on Friday, district and village authorities held discussions with the residents and agreed to remove one pipe before removing the others. However, one drainage pipe will remain until the completion of the road construction, after which it will be removed.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has allocated more than LAK 190 billion (USD 11,256,569) in 2023 to repair roads and manage flooding in Vientiane in preparation for the ASEAN Summit in 2024.

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