Nong Khang Airport Sees its First Successful Aircraft Landing

Nong Khang Airport Tests Landing System with Successful Aircraft Landing
The tested aircraft (photo: Media Laos)

Nong Khang Airport in the Samnuea district of Houaphanh province successfully tested its landing guide system for flights on Wednesday.

According to Lao Youth Radio, the test was conducted from 19-27 April using a Supper King Air aircraft from the Thai Aviation Company “AEROTHAI,” with the registration number HS-AIM.

The Nong Khang Airport has been under construction since 2013 and is built according to safety standards set by the Department of Civil Aviation (MOS 2009) and international standards (ICAO).

This airport has reference code 3C (Aerodrome Code 3C) and could accommodate 70-100-seat aircraft, such as ATR 72, Fokker 70, MA-60, Fokker-100, or equivalent. The runway is 2400 meters long and 30 meters wide.

The successful test flight is a significant milestone toward the completion of the Nong Khang Airport construction. The project has also wrapped up designing the flight line and the installation of the flight support system.

When it begins operations, the airport’s strategic location in the Samnuea district will help boost the province’s economic growth and connectivity with other regions.

Nong Khang Airport project is owned by the Department of Civil Aviation under the Ministry of Defense, and the construction contractors are ADCC consulting company, the Republic of Vietnam, and Hoang Ang Attapeu Agricultural Development Company Limited.

The project handover ceremony will reportedly take place by the end of April.